Virtual Photoshoot

Have you ever heard about virtual photoshoot?

In this difficult pandemic situation, many of us have had to stay at home. Even so, we look for ways to stay active.

Nowadays, many photographers offer remote photo shooting, also known as virtual photoshoot. Using a video calling platform such as Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp, this allows you to get a shoot done without moving out of your house or coming in contact with any other person.

I found this a unique way to spend some quality time, to break up the monotony of watching Netflix or endless baking. And the results of the photos can be used as a memory of this crazy pandemic era that keeps us locked up in the house for ages! Sounds great right? 😀

– A simple background or window with sunlight.
– Find anything at home like plants, flowers, mirror.
– Having a phone steady for less motion blur
– Have fun, try new things and don’t take it too seriously. Just embrace that it’s not great quality or edit accordingly.